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About Us

about us


Unlockers HUB is an initiative of Acmatech based in Mumbai that claims to be India's one of the best service center for Mobile/Laptop repairs and Mobile Phones Unlocking.

We have already unlocked over lacs of mobiles across 11 countries. By combining a reliable product with easy to follow instructions, we have arrived at a proven formula. We at ACMA work hard to maintain excellent customer support.

Money Back Policy in the event your phone could not be unlocked is one of our key USP.

Even if you can find a better deal on any other verifiable unlocking website, we will be happy to refund the difference. We have been perfecting our process for the last three years to make sure that you have the most time-efficient and hassle free experience possible.

Our turnaround times are the best in the industry. We promise to be friendly and available all the times. Our instructions are easy to follow and what you require is just to enter the unlocking code ( as intimated case to case ). As, if you can dial a telephone number, you can also unlock via code.No hassle just Simple.

The electronic repair industry has been plagued for years with operators using questionable business practices. It always seemed strange to us that people in this industry would disregard what we consider one of the fundamental rules of doing business. It’s a simple concept that you would think that everyone should follow. Sadly, very few companies are left that understand it, “If you want to stay in business you have to do it right… as per customer concern”.

It's really simple. As we are well aware that “Reputation & Customer Satisfaction is the Key to Success”.

To all of you, from all of us at Unlockers HUB Store - Thanks a lot for visiting our store, we wish you a Happy Unlocking with us !!!


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